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tv   [untitled]    January 21, 2017 3:55pm-4:01pm EST

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page: it is a good one, and we obviously need to have more conversations. hopefully this is the beginning of a series of conversations, and maybe we will be invited back, and we will keep talking another day. [laughter] [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> this weekend on american history tv on c-span3. tonight at 9:00 eastern santa clara university professor looks at the role of gay bars. many closeted gays go to their first gay bar for example san francisco the black cat. in these bars they find out they are not the only ones.
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there are a lot of people who are atypical sexually. over the is or -- related do not want to return to their small-town. many people found this of acceptance. 1030, we talk about the lugar act. talking about soviet dismantling nuclear weapons. >> we found that the russians, the nuclear complex was not an inheritance from hell. means for the the revival of a great russia. 6:00, theevening at fdr presidential library archivist. preserveefforts to franklin d roosevelt's most
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important speeches. we pick the fell significance in history. quality of the footage as well. >> i have seen one third of a nation still --\ professor gil prior looks at u.s. is really relations. >> i told the house of representatives that i would commit legal suicide. if i did not support the state of israel. cartersaid that jimmy said that. >> for our complete schedule, go to c-span bus travels to local schools, colleges, universities, and communities
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across the country. recently our bus stop in hampton, virginia. visiting students at hampton high school, here is a video the students made about our visit. thet is pretty hard to miss c-span bus. we have received an informational session. the bus goes around our country visiting high schools, colleges and and universities. but sticking inside look. >> what is c-span stand for? satellite and network. was cool though at a later doubt. -- the way they laid it out. wrote a oneied and paragraph statement about what this experience means to them.
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many of them responded in their career interests. response to the question about the recent campaign of 2016 occurred and how c-span was a part of that effort. at never students heard about c-span, we wanted them to learn all there was to know. we were created as a public service to the community, our community outreach, if they come howhey can learn about c-span is used in the classroom as a resource. there are opportunities for internships, we just want them to be involved. we want them to get engaged in not afraid to learn more about the government. >> they go across the nation with this bus, we are excited that there is an interactive experience for the kids. have theence >> to , andseat as bernie sanders
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learned that i can have more political research. adviceed any political and any information on an abus . i go to the website. >> the students learned information they can learn in the classroom or at home. until next time, i'm xavier williams. >> on the road with the c-span bus. >> buffalo bill cody was a civil war soldier, buffalo hunter, actor, entrepreneur, and congressional medal of honor winner. next on history book shelf louis warren discusses the public image of the famous and controversial figure in his biography "buffalo bill's america, william cody and the wild west show." this is recorded at the center of the american west in boulder, colorado in


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